How To Live In Peace And Harmony

The first thing to learn is to discover what you truly love to do in life which may take many years to realize and can change as time goes by.

Learn to listen to your inner voice again and again.

Dale clarity to the process that you think of things (understand “so that” what happens to you) and be aware of what you are going through for that is your reality. Meditate on this so you can focus your energy.

Be aware of what is called “intuition” and is nothing to channel your ownself.

Search inside yourself for stimuli that motivate you to act. 

Take a few minutes a day, to feel something as simple as breathing, take time to calm thoughts , to talk to God who is in your inner being.

Soon you will know that we are not alone. Every human being, is accompanied by his spiritual guide or angel, part of the same being.

From that point you can start to listen and learn to channel the good energies.

So learn to focus your awareness and trust in yourself better and generate a lot of inner peace and joy that takes you away from everything negative.

The goal is not to secure or to predict the future, but know that this can change with our free will. We conduct our lives and decide whether or face we put aside the obstacles we face, having God as a guide.

God is the absolute good, nothing bad could come from Him.

What we build is a state of positive perception, manufactured by our consciousness and share this vision with God.

Fear causes only darkness, loneliness, restlessness and feeds the other polarity of existence.

We are born into the light and over the years we forget who we are, where we started and where we go. So you should feel the importance for you to recognize your identity.

Only daily exercise, prayer and meditation fill us with Love, Peace and Harmony.

You should be aware that free will allows everyone to choose as you want to feel.

In our universe, there are many more possibilities than we can possibly imagine and one is part of it.

Connect with God as your guide

Accept and review your life experience, and give thanks for what you have experienced.

God is much more than he have shown us. When we let go of the fear of God, which was instilled in us, we feel His love and dialogue flows.

Liberate also the fear of death. Ask God for the courage and serenity to accept the game when it is time that God has chosen for us.

Do not feel guilty for nonexistent things or things that have led others who want us to govern.

Learn from every experience you live

When you can think of situations you do not like, once it has passed the moment of anger, and when you begin to understand the situation, try not to judge and not be judged. Ask yourself what should I learn in this regard that happened to me or that is happening to me? Why did this happen?… And if it continues to anger yourself, repeat several times the words, “I’m sorry and I love you, I’m sorry and I love you” (It is a Hawaiian technique, implemented by Dr. Hew Len Ihaleaka). Because that being is showing you something, crossed your path just because you want to experience that. There are no coincidences.

Remember that if you do not find an answer to a particular situation, you can generate a fault. That is why you should concentrate on finding. For what? Every experience you live.

When a being generates fear, it is because it has not been able to face their own truth, it does not connect with the positive, not cultivate peace and harmony.

Often, fear leads to a better understanding of himself. Because this brings us to resolve and clarify our own life plan, and that is when the connection with God is experienced, leaving the feeling of fear is nothing but give strength to the negative, not to perform certain actions.

Deliver and trust in God your problems for it is not for you solve. Ask serenity and calmness to address and wisdom in the time to act.

We generate fear what we do not know and this leads only to devaluation.

People are paralyzed with fear, and can be manipulated easily.

Humans have two basic feelings that we manifest daily: fear and love. When we connect with fear, we are separated from God.

Practice this exercise repeating these words: “Fear, I admit, but you sit in the back seat, because now I will manage.” With this you are taking control and fear disappears.


Healthy Lifestyle: Beneficial For All

As we read in the publication online MedicalXpress, patients with diabetes should have a healthy lifestyle, just like the people who do not have the disease life. A new study suggests that lifestyle for people with diabetes should not be different from that of the general population, although people with diabetes may benefit more from some aspects of this type of lifestyle, such as nutrition.

The research has been led by the Dr. Diewertje Sluik, Department of Epidemiology, German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbruecke, Nuthetal, Germany, and colleagues. In their work they investigated whether the associations between lifestyle factors and the risk of mortality were different between people with and without diabetes.

The study involved almost 7,000 patients with diabetes and more than 250,000 without diabetes, indicating the huge selected sample and thus the certainty of the conclusions. The risk factors studied were body mass index, waist / height, more than 25 groups of different foods, alcohol consumption, physical activity in leisure time and snuff relationship.

As expected, the researchers found that overall mortality was 62% greater in people with diabetes compared with those without. The complications of the disease end up being the main cause of these deaths.

Always arguments were also confirmed. For example intake of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, oil, pasta, chicken and vegetables were associated with a lower mortality risk and intake of butter and margarine reflect the opposite. All this both in patients with diabetes and patients without diabetes. However the health benefits of a healthy diet were greatest in patients with diabetes, who had better controls than in those who did not have diabetes.

As for lifestyle, no differences between people with and without diabetes in the study including aspects such as alcohol consumption, physical activity and smoking were detected. The authors say: “It seems that the intake of certain food groups is more beneficial (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, pasta, chicken, vegetable oil) or detrimental (soda, butter, margarine, cakes, cookies) with respect the risk of mortality in people with diabetes. This may indicate that people with diabetes may benefit more from a healthy diet than people without diabetes. However, in terms of lifestyle recommendations for a healthy diet should be similar for people with or without diabetes.


Valentine’s Menu: Mistakes To Avoid

We know you have a perfect place to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The perfect location, decor, tableware and menu, say everything just goes well virtually. However, often when we think what we will prepare, cannot be undone when things go wrong. To help you with the right menu for Valentine’s Day, down below are the mistakes you should avoid.

What good is a roast beef, or however much we might like a plate of lasagna with bechamel, it does not seem the most appropriate course for a celebration on a Valentine’s night as we leave too full and sleepy, thus it can ruin the night.

Watch your breath

Maybe a kiss is the most magical things to celebrate a Valentine’s Day. Imagine a decorated a table, a few glasses of wine, candles illuminating the room and two faces are close, then it got ruined by an awful breath!

If you prepare a salad, you should not include onion or garlic (or its variants such as shallot, chives, etc) or you can expect a persistent breath in your mouth or your date, to spoil that moment of happiness.

Find out about possible allergies and intolerances

When we go to an exotic restaurant, one of the first questions they ask us when we sit down is if we have allergies or food intolerance, lest we bring food that does not sit well for us. If this year you will surprise your partner preparing Valentine’s dinner, it costs nothing to ask before cooking if there are any foods your date does not like or cannot take.

Imagine that you have decided to prepare a recipe of pie as an appetizer or a flaky pastry filled with custard for dessert and you discover after hours working in the kitchen that your companion is gluten intolerant. Suppose you prepare a dish with cream and your date cannot take lactose or if you have made ​​an Indian or Mexican menu and your partner cannot tolerate spicy dishes.

In addition to making a great effort for nothing, you will feel bad knowing that if you had asked, your Valentine menu would have been a success.

Avoid heavy digestions

A gargantuan dinner, a real feast “to unbutton the pants button” can be a great fun for an occasion like a meal of friends, a birthday or a party of any kind, but is not the most suitable for an evening dedicated to love.

The same applies if the menu includes ingredients that produce gases that make us feel bloated or food that may cause flatulence, that really would ruin any subsequent intimate moment.

It is not the ideal day for a plate of broccoli or cauliflower or other foods with similar effects as they can cause gas and bloating.

Watch your smile

Perhaps the feature that we are most attractive of is our smile . Teeth clean, white and… no bits of food or small pieces of spinach, parsley or mint ruining the moment.

Beware of dishes that include sorts of herbs chopped or dishes like creamed spinach, etc. The color green is the worst when stresses between the incisors who is about to kiss…

Happy Valentine’s Dinner

If you take care of all these details and prepare a light, simple and with good ingredients, then surely the celebration will be a success.


Healthy Tips To Start The Year

No doubt a lot of us would want to start the year right. In order to get things going for us, perhaps it would be just as ideal to start living healthy.

Here we give some tips to start the year in a healthy way, and overcome the very long holiday season excesses.

Varieties of high-caloric meals, snacks, sweets are some of the temptations that almost all of us enjoyed last holiday season. As a result, we all gained a remarkable amount of weight.

All these excesses cause a range of nutritional imbalances, which is why January is the most convenient time to get back to good eating habits and follow the tips we propose to start the year in a healthy way:

  • Make it a habit to eat 5 portions of fruits and vegetables during the day. Inserting a piece of fruit or a glass of fresh juice at breakfast will start the day in a healthy manner. As for dessert during dinner and mid morning or afternoon tea, fruits are the best allies. At lunch and dinner, boiled vegetables, fried, mashed or cooked in salads and as a garnish, are essential to balance the daily menu.
  • Exercise is the perfect complement to a healthy diet to keep a healthy lifestyle. We must find engage in a physical activity that is most compatible with our daily routine and avoid “binge” gym that are difficult to maintain over time. Such as taking the stairs instead of taking the elevator, walking instead of taking the car for short trips, bicycling or walking to school or work, and if you are away, down a bus stop before. The active family leisure is a good option to reduce a sedentary lifestyle in the whole family, especially in children.
  • Do not consume unhealthy snacks, so if we cannot resist taking snacks, it is best to consume fresh fruits, as they are the best and healthiest snacks. However, it is recommended that you have 5 meals spread throughout the day: breakfast, mid morning, lunch, snack and dinner.
  • Add in the usual recipes, varieties of fresh vegetables, which are always seasonal, tasty and cheap. With this, you get to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Water is your best drink. Hydrating your body with lots of water is vital for your health.

We want to help you face the new year with energy and vitality, so always deal with your hunger with fruits and vegetables!

How To Be Productive This 2015

With the start of a new year and the emergence of new aspirations and new projects in our lives, more than ever necessary to revise our work schedules and better time planning should be practiced by about everyone. The goal for this new year in terms of productivity is clear: work less and get more.

Well, perhaps this goal is the same every year. You may be rethinking your schedule and your way of working. We will share with you some considerations you should be taking into account with the reorganization of your daily life so that you can truly fulfill your goals this year.

Work more on what really matters.

Surely here is the key issue. Throughout the day we keep busy doing work and yet we feel that we have not advanced in achieving our goals, why? How can it be that there is no progress even if I have been working all day? The reason: yes, you are working, but with tasks that has a low value. The key is to analyze what are the tasks that provide real value to our objectives. They are usually those tasks that require more effort on our part and which do not draw benefits and immediate gratification but long term.

Remember the Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule): 20% of an action produce 80% of the effect, while the remaining 80% originates only 20% of the effects. This translates into a language that everyone can understand, so what does it mean? It means all activities done throughout the day only require 20% of them and will produce approximately 80% of the effects/results.

Well, if you want to be really productive and not just in appearance, if you want to achieve the goals and dreams you have for 2015, you have to work more on those tasks that really matter.

How to work more on what matters?

The first step is to be clear what really matters and what does not matter (task of little value). To do this, you have to sit in a quiet place and think about the tasks which will lead you to the goals that you have raised this year. Consider the tasks that will mean a real step forward in achieving your objectives. Weigh tasks that are difficult or more inexpensive as more effort and time will be required for them to complete.

The second step is to analyze your day and see what tasks are consuming your time.You have to know what state you are now to implement improvements in the use of your time. It helps if you put it in writing on paper or on your iPad/tab, wherever you want, what matters is that it can be captured somewhere to see it.

Need more time…

Everyone needs more time to do what really matters. Typical is the excuse that “yes, if I know what I have to do, but right now, I do not have enough time.” The reality is that you never have time, you are fooling yourself.  Time is always enough. The important thing is not how long it is but how it is used than is available.

How to buy time for what matters?

Save time on tasks of little value or that contribute nothing to our lives. You have to identify these tasks in your daily life and apply one of the following solutions:

  1. Eliminate those tasks or activities that contribute nothing to your life or even harmful

Get rid of all unnecessary tasks. For example, watching television, spending too much time on Twitter or Facebook. Imagine the amount of time you can save for those tasks that really matter.

  1. Make the tasks of little value in blocks

Do the tasks that are needed to be done all together in the same space of time. Dedicate a particular day or a few hours a day. Not only that you value your time, but such approach will also free your mind from worry of having to do those tasks.

  1. Delegate functions or tasks of little value

Are there tasks you hate doing or are of little value to your work? Find someone (paying or not) who is willing to do them for you. Indeed, you can always find the right man for the job.


Remember: It is not about working more or harder than last year, but do it in a smarter way. Identify what is going to mean significant in the long run. Be more selective with your idle activity and directly eliminate it, reduce or resolve block tasks of little value.

Fun Things To Do On Christmas Eve

All the anticipation of Christmas Day is still alive for Christmas Eve, especially in families with children who are expecting a visit from Santa Claus. There are many ways for families to enjoy this last celebration before the big day sticking to tradition or forming new ones.

Meal preparation

A fun way to spend Christmas Eve with your loved ones is to prepare a Christmas meal. In many families, this food is just as impressive as that of Thanksgiving and requires the help of many people. Meet and plan who will cook that part of the feast in advance and ask everyone to help so that everyone in the meeting feel that they are part of the activity. In today’s busy world, many families gather for just this type of food occasionally. If Christmas Eve is one of those moments, involve all to participate to make it memorable and special. The conversations and the mere taste of food make this a fun part of the festivities.

Add the finishing touches

Although many people begin to put the Christmas tree from the day after Thanksgiving, the traditional cutting of the tree originally was an essential element of Christmas Eve. To return to these traditional roots, leave something reserved to put on the tree as ornaments collected over the years since the birth of your children. Put these or other finishing touches on the tree or home decoration and talk about past holidays with family. Children will enjoy hearing stories about how it was Christmas when they were younger.


Some families make all their exchange of gifts on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning reserved only for those who bring Holy. Other families open all the gifts on Christmas morning. If the gifts are opened on Christmas Eve, this will be a central part of the evening. However, if the gifts are strictly a Christmas Day tradition in your home, try making a new tradition allowing children to open a small gift before going to bed. The anticipation for this moment will be fun for them and can satisfy the need to shred paper and allow them to enjoy a good night’s rest.

Tradition book or movie

Finish the day’s events in the same way each year, either by reading the classic poem by Clement C. Moore “The Night Before Christmas” or watching a favorite Christmas movie. As children grow, it will become a tradition that excites them. Some suggestions of movies include “A Christmas Story”, “Christmas Vacation” or “Home Alone”. In any event, it is always a good excuse to share some time with the family.


How To Stay In Shape This Christmas

The Christmas holiday season is here and for some reason we tend to lose some control of what we eat between Christmas cakes, rich dinners and lunches with friends and family. Then we forgot eating a healthy diet, preventing cholesterol, hypertension and other problems. Indeed, it is always important to take care of our health, thus, we need to know how to keep Christmas in line without losing the joy that flows into the Christmas season.

First, we must be clear that you do not have to eat everything you have bought for the holidays. It is always better to only consume what is seem to be enough. Confused? Learn these simple tricks that will keep you in shape this holiday season.

Concentrate on proteins

If we want to be satisfied and have that festive feeling that we like, then it is best to focus on protein-rich foodsTurkey is our great ally this Christmas as it is one of the leanest meats we can enjoy. Just be sure to cook it in the oven as it is the healthiest method. Enjoy seafoods, since they are also very low in fat. If you have no problems with uric acid the you can be full with prawns, crabs, and clams.

Bet the plank

Control your calorie intake. Hide the fryer and avoid bread crumbs, potatoes, croquettes on your plate. Opt for a meager steak, chicken, beef or fish with good olive oil and a salad.

Hide the nougat

If no home visit, hide dishes like shortbread and nougat which you obviously like so much. Better you do not leave them in the middle of the table. It is a constant temptation that you should eliminate.

Save your spirit

If not a key day, instead of ending meals with a shot or a digestif, try to do it with an infusion. The hot water after eating helps the body digest fats and dilute better. Therefore, when you finish lunch or dinner, prepare a good pennyroyal mint tea or chamomile.


How To Make Simple Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Pre-Christmas holidays inspire people to decorate their homes. Decorating the Christmas tree is a cherished family tradition in many homes around the globe. If you are having financial difficulties or you just pleasing homemade items, you can make your own embellishments.


  1. Choose a design

Sketch a design before you start. Choose a form of adornment. A simple design works best with standard shapes such as circles and squares. Add details to the design. Decide what colors and materials you want to work. Taking into account the ages of the people who make the ornaments. Toddlers can help cut shapes, while older children can use sewing skills or other craft skills.

  1. Gather your materials in advance

A Christmas ornament can be made ​​from almost any item you have on hand. Search your home for materials you already have. The ornament can be made from materials like cardboard, cans and Styrofoam. The ornaments can be covered with old wrapping paper, aluminum foil, wool or cloth. Add materials to the base with glue or tape. Hang the ornament on the tree with a paper clip, some wire or even with some sturdy rope. If you do not like what you have on hand, consider visiting a local store.

  1. Start building

Making several ornaments takes time. Note the size of your Christmas tree. A big tree may require more ornaments than a smaller one.

  1. Try the finished ornaments before hanging

Arranged gently in your hands to make sure the decorations are firmly attached. Hang them in a chair for a minute or two before placing them in the tree. The finished motif must have strength enough to last throughout the holiday season without falling apart.


8 Healthy Foods To Eat This Holiday Season

Like many people all over the world, you would want to enjoy delicious food this holiday season, right? Such truth is just so hard to deny. So we will recommend 10 healthy foods to eat this holiday season and not to feel guilty about it.

Perhaps, you are also cautious of what to eat for the holidays because of health reasons. However, you want to try and eat everything, as there are foods that are very classic and unique for this season.

The month of December is perhaps the most feared for those who cannot resist the temptation of eating “everything”. As always, the result of this is the visible extra pounds we gain.

Did you know that on average, people gain weight around 4-5 pounds in December? What is worse is that the gained weight will remain and stays with you all year round; the worst is still increasing year after year.

Before learning how we can avoid abrupt gain weight, you need to consider some data. For example, a holiday dinner can have 2,000 calories; excessive if we use as a reference to an adult woman performing moderate physical activity needs about 1,800 calories per day and men between 2000-2200.

But do not be alarmed…

With a few small changes, you can reduce both the calories and fat meals. First, it is preferable to be moderate and try everything but in small quantities, always trying to compensate. By this we do not mean to fast all day and then at night, eating as if it was the last supper, but to balance the calories consumed in the day. Be a good negotiator to yourself. Prefer low-calorie foods like salads, vegetables or fruits during the day and then enjoy some more calories at night (always without exceeding the total calories).

Among all year-end dinner with family, friends and colleagues, the calories you consume tend to increase considerably due to the unhealthy content of those meals that are usually served for the holidays.

Luckily not all that are served can cause you to become fat, provided that the quantities are moderated. So we can say that there is a good amount of healthy and delicious foods eaten mostly at this time and you can enjoy without fear of gaining weight.

In Christmas we always believe that the quality of food is not the best, because often the typical products are rich in fats and sugars. However, we can also take advantage of the celebration to include healthy and nutritious food products.

8 Healthy but Delicious meals to serve this holiday season:

Seafood: crabs, lobster, shrimp, are ingredients that may well shape our Christmas dinner giving us quality protein, iron, potassium, sodium and magnesium with little fat.

Mushrooms: are seasonal food, rich in potassium, with high water content and very few calories per servingIt can integrate a garrison, a main dish or an appetizer or a sauce.

Fatty fish: are rich in quality protein, but above all, they are a great source of omega 3 fatty acids with numerous benefits for the body. A piece of salmon, tuna, sardines, anchovies or other may well form a Christmas plate.

Dried fruits: the perfect ingredients to include in sweet or as part of the table. They are concentrated in minerals and good fats while giving us vitamin E, that functions as an antioxidant.

Fruits and vegetables: can be part of the decoration of a garrison or a dessert. They are rich in water, source of several vitamins and minerals and almost no calories, but high in fiber and can add color to dishes.

Mussels and clams: are a great source of iron and have virtually no fat. Therefore, they are another ingredient that we can include, especially among the starters and main course.

Turkey: is a source of quality protein, hardly contain purines, therefore, easily digested contributing 25% protein, low fat and many minerals like iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. It is certainly one of the foods presented as a good candidate for the main course.

Dark chocolate: choose a chocolate as pure as possible, it is a source of polyphenol antioxidants and minerals like potassium, selenium and magnesium. In small quantities it can be a healthy and a tasty sweet ingredient.

Of course, much depends on the amount consumed, but clearly this holiday season, we can also enjoy a healthy dinner including ingredients that offers good and healthy nutrients to the body.

Liver Cleanse For Weight Loss

Good housekeeping in the liver involves the intake of certain supplements to improve the functions of this organ. There are different “recipes” for cleaning, all include or oils or salts or natural juices or supplements. When your liver is clean, you will be healthier, because you can eliminate all that are not “necessary”.

What to know about the liver flush?

First, you must know what the effects of this technique are. It is chosen by those who want to lose weight. Obesity or overweight is the result of overeating, which the body tends to store too much food, but first converted into fat . With liver damage, we may suffer from inappropriate urination, bladder obstruction, loose stools or constipation, all for an accumulation of unnecessary toxic materials. The supplements taken during treatment helps the body continues to fulfill its role and function much higher and also your metabolism. As a result, a greater chance that you lose weight effectively.

While a liver cleanse is an effective method to lose weight, it should not be used inappropriately or so just for that purpose. Before assuming that the treatment is good for you, first to talk to a doctor and inform yourself about the ingredients you can or cannot consume. Remember that liver cleansing does not cure diseases or liver complications. Also, do not overdo the cleansing process because it is not good for your health. If you want to repeat, wait for a reasonable time to do so.

There are different recipes you can use to cleanse the liver, helping to increase bowel movement and for both the body and the gallbladder removed everything that does not serve them. When under cleansing, it is not recommended to perform many activities, no heavy lifting and best stay at home. Do not lie down immediately after consuming the chosen prescription because they may cause dizziness, nausea or vomiting.

Why is it necessary to do a liver cleanse?

Basically to sort out the kind of messy life that we lead, and for the reason that we consume unbalanced diets and we lack practicing exercise or playing sports. The liver produces more fat and then stores it in excess. It is important to do a liver detox diet once in a while to improve your liver and you increase your energy level function. So you will have more desire to get active, get up earlier, perform better at work or in other activities.

In general, you will feel much better in many aspects, some say they help improve the appearance of the skin, they stopped having acne for example, and most who tried this cleansing claim that it serves to lose weight.

How to cleanse your liver?

Remember that the work you do every day makes the body toxins accumulate, so the idea is to eliminate these negative residues. You can repeat the process up to three times a year. Consider the following recipes for effective liver cleanse:

  • Grapefruit juice with garlic and ginger: you do this procedure during the weekend. , it will help you strengthen your lymphatic system. You will need two grapefruits, four lemons, two cloves of garlic, a slice of root ginger, 300 ml of distilled water and two tablespoons of olive oil. Squeeze grapefruits and lemons, grate the ginger and garlic press. Place all ingredients in blender and blend well. Drink before bed at night.
  • Orange juice, garlic and olive oil: what you need is a quarter cup of olive oil, a quarter cup of freshly squeezed orange juice, half teaspoon grated ginger, and half teaspoon of chopped garlic. Beat in a blender and drink before going to sleep. Lie on right side. Should be repeated for three consecutive nights.

As recent recommendations: reduce the portions you eat, avoid alcohol, red meat, dairy and refined products, drink enough water and practice a moderate exercise routine.